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Chicago, IL
United States

Desmond Eugene Huey, a multi-talented young professional, is an actor, writer, speaker, and music producer. It is Desmond's mission to help raise the mass consciousness of this planet by breaking social barriers and challenging the status quo helping to usher in, what he sees as, a new emerging world paradigm of peace, love, prosperity, and abundance for all. It is his hope to encourage and inspire men to become more in tune with their divine masculine core, which he says is the definition of a true gentleman. Desmond envisions a world where all humanity is, flawlessly, at ease with their true nature and co-exists peacefully with one another despite race, gender, age, and ethnicity.

Desmond, born and raised in the city of Chicago, got his start in music at an early age. Inspired by the classic 70's and 80's music his mother would play around the house, his love and fascination with sound began. While still in elementary school, Desmond began taking piano lessons and started producing Hip-Hop and R&B tracks in a basement studio, which inevitably spawned the formation of his company D-Compose Productions, Inc. with long time friend, Ondra Little, a.k.a. Dra-Matic. D-Compose Productions created and produced hits for Chicago sensation Kentrell, an up and coming Pop Soul artist, who together created a serious buzz around the Chicago-land area. D-Compose later facilitated a deal with M3Z Entertainment Company, owned by NBA Superstar Dwayne Wade, eventually leading to the launch of Kentrell's career with Jive Records. D-Compose Productions has also created tracks for artists the likes of Rick Ross, Cam'ron, Bang, from the hit YouTube movie "Cousin Bang", Dirtbag, and Money Malc to name a few. In addition, D-Compose has done commercial jingles and produced live performances as well.

As an actor, Desmond first developed his love for the theatrical with his friends filming themselves as their backyard wrestling alter-egos. By the time he had reached high school Desmond had already developed a deep passion for film and music and decided to devote himself to years of study in Television production and Broadcast News. Desmond has, since then, appeared on multiple television shows, most notably starring in TLC's hit reality docudrama "Extreme Cougar Wives". Desmond has also appeared on talk shows such as ABC's "The View" with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar and Fox's "Bethenny" Executive produced by Bethenny Frankel and Ellen DeGeneres. He has also done some work appearing in television series such as Chicago's own, "Boss" starring Kelsey Grammer and "The Mob Doctor" starring Jordana Spiro. Additionally, Desmond also works on websites, and does corporate industrial and voice over work.

I Am...

As a young boy, according to my mother, I was always very curious. I was always asking questions and seeking the answers. Very early in life I realized that I wanted to solve the worlds problems and I became determined to do so. This determination and this desire to create solutions to help make the world a better place is largely reflected in my work.

Although my role on projects vary greatly, I’ve always tried to create or take on projects that have some sort of substance, meaning, or an overall positive message or impact. My body of work ranges from drama to comedy to corporate industrial. All of which showcases a certain passion, enthusiasm, and uniqueness that is sometimes direct and on the nose and at other times full of sub-textual insightfulness. I seek to evoke a spirit of hope in my viewers that will cause them to question life as it is, and not only imagine, but create a better future for tomorrow.

The world is a big place. It’s a big place that has a lot happening within it, some of it good and some of it bad. My work attempts to capture these things, to serve as a mirror for the world to look at itself and see what it has become. The goal is to cause expansion and growth within the consciousness of this planet so that one day, not just humans but, all beings existing on this beautiful blue rock can live in peace, harmony, and love. It is my hope that through my artistry I can help to uplift, inspire, and enlighten the masses so that when they do look into that mirror they will recognize the greatness that has always been in them, rather than focusing on their shortcomings, so that they may live up to their most authentic, highest potential.